„You are in the best of hands here: I would never have thought that there could be so much depth and positive power in a colour consultation - Ms Wittig goes about her work with great sensitivity and humour and has really opened my eyes to the world of my colours in the truest sense of the word! It's really great, I can highly recommend it, everyone will be surprised what you can learn about yourself and your second skin."
Monika. S, Yoga and Pilates teacher

„The color and style consultations were top notch. Now that I know how to dress to my advantage, the difference is immediate. I even get compliments from my students! I wish I had done it 30 years ago. Totally life-changing."
Susan A., teacher

„Dear Ms Wittig, you have virtually made a "new person" out of me. In just one morning you succeeded in bringing my outer self, buried by the prevailing fashion dictates, to the surface and gave me courage to face myself. Little by little, I eliminated the "wrong" colours from my wardrobe and acquired new clothes that made me "shine". The compliments I received in the course of my outward transformation had a positive effect on my self-confidence and I dare more and more not only to present myself outwardly, but also to show my inner self. In September last year, my first book was published. Thank you for supporting me in finding myself!"
Elfi F., translator and author

„Ms Wittig sees beyond the surface: that underneath the clothes there is a person, a personality whom Ms Wittig is very aware of. She uses an art form which requires more than colourful shawls and knowledge of the different colour types. It was very liberating to sort out my wardrobe after the consultation and get rid of everything which didn’t suit my type. It seems almost like a philosophy of life, in any case it was a highly recommended colour and style consultation!“
Anna v. O.,therapist

„Style-conscious and professional! With a great eye for details, Ms Wittig undertook a complete makeover of my business outfit. After a colour consulation, we sorted through my suits, shirts and ties and got rid of what didn’t suit me. We went on a very entertaining shopping trip to refill my wardrobe: with a sense of great effect I acquired a new outfit. I enjoyed myself greatly and I’ll repeat this experience again!“
Alexander H., business consultant

„Dear Ms Wittig, it feels like a small tsunami I feel invigorated and have returned to my true self. I have just purchased a new red lipstick and ordered a lemon-coloured scarf yesterday. I am mentally reviewing my wardrobe and writing lists of what I need to buy. It feels like a journey to my inner fashion core. Thank you ever so much for your support and I am looking forward to the next time.“
H. G. S., project manager

„Hello Ms Wittig, thanks again for the fantatstic consultation. I am so pleased to have „found“ you.“
Michael S., business coach

„Dear Ms Wittig, thank you ever so much for the brilliant afternoon and your great support, as always. With your great confidence in style I feel very well looked after and I trust you 100%.“
Gabi R., managing director


„Dear Ms Wittig, I wish to thank you again for the great consultation. I enjoyed it very much; it made me feel good and I feel liberated. I am very excited to see how the newly aquired wisdom will alter the contents of my wardrobe and consequently my appearance. It‘s a very exciting process!“
Ilka G., banker


„I am totally thrilled by Ms Wittig’s colour and style consultations. I always thought I knew exactly which clothes and which colours suit me, but during the consultation I realised there is a lot of room for improvement. I can highly recommend this to all men!“ 
Guido H., therapist

„In only one day, Nadine Wittig trained us – the Board of Directors, consisting of one woman and five men – in the art of perfect dressing. After this very enjoyable and interesting day, we all know which colours underline our personalities. Furthermore, we all received personal hints and tips as to which type of clothes suit us best. An unforgettable day which we enjoyed tremendously. I can really recommend it for groups!“ 
Michael G., managing director


„Anyone who thinks that he or she is usually well dressed will realise that Nadine Wittig manages to get to the 120% mark. Really great. And the whole process takes place in a very casual and relaxing atmosphere with a very professional person who has a great sense of humour..“
Stefan C., marketing director


„Dear Ms Wittig, thanks again for your sensitive and eye-opening colour and style consultation!...The result was clear and totally unexpected. You did not allow yourself to be influenced by certain patterns or rules, but focussed exclusively on my charsima and personality. You listened with great empathy and realised exactly which incentives I needed…After the consultation, I felt more confident than ever in respect of colour and style and I felt stronger as a person. It feels like I have gone through a process of transformation. With kind regards from Regensburg.“
Gunhild W., occupational therapist

„Dear Ms Wittig, today, I picked up my new glasses and I am totally over the moon: they look fantastic and fit and function perfectly. Thanks again for the consultation. I would not have plucked up the courage to change without it. Your consultation is worth every penny. Kind regards. P.S. My wife loves the glasses too!“
Thomas D., engineer


„Dear Ms Wittig, first of all I would like to give you my heartfelt thanks for the great colour consultation. You have a knack for detail and a very unique way of making it understandable by being very clear and at the same time never losing your sense of humour. Really great. Over the day I felt exhilarated and I learned a lot. I am pleased to give my unreserved recommendation.“
Margot R., product consultant




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