Renan Demirkan, actress

„Dear Nadine, you can’t just impose style on someone, style means intelligence of emotions – which is made visible through clothes, make-up, language and posture. You are a very intelligent, clever and emotional woman of the art of fashion, who is able to make herself very visible – I love the colourful outfits you always wore on set.
You are also very capable of establishing other people’s characters and can bring them to light. For actors the following is true: a role without costume is like a canvas without paint: no one would recognise the character, no one would be able to read any emotions. Thank you so much for your work! ”

Anica Dobra, actress

„To act does not only mean to learn text, to interpret it and to cause empathic reactions; this is only part of the picture. The other part is appearance. What would an actor be without his/her costume? Aesthetics/beauty is the first thing, the viewer perceives. In June 2016, Nadine and I worked perfectly together on the set of „Dr Klein“: she realised the characteristics of my role, with great expertise she scanned my body shape. She created three different sets of outfits, all within the given budget. Nadine’s costumes perfectly matched the roles and I felt very comfortable in wearing them. Everybody on set was happy! Director, cameraman and I! Thank you so much dear Nadine, I look forward to the next time!”

Martin Gruber, actor

„Thanks so much Nadine for providing my tough and rocky film alter-ego with a suitable and fashionable outfit which looked good even on top of a 9000ft mountain and in doing so, underlined my act with authenticity without over-dressing the actor. Indeed, clothes make a man and you are master of your art! Thank you!

Jochen Busse, actor

„I met Nadine while working on the set of „Dr Klein“. By understanding my role and character, Nadine came well prepared and she didn’t come up with anything I didn’t agree with 100%. She thought of every little detail which I happily accepted for the character I played. There are costume designers who are so brilliant at their job that I don’t have to do much „acting“. Thank you!

Karin Thaler, actress

„Working with you was always harmonious and totally stress-free!!!”

Stephanie Stumph, actress

„It would never have occured to me to wear a yellow leather jacket. It has now become a permanent piece of clothing in my wardrobe and always reminds me of the great work with Nadine on the set of „Bergretter“. The costume design sessions for my role as „ Sarah Kraus“ always proved to be a great shopping experience.”

Annette Strasser, actress

„Dear Nadine Wittig, thank you so much for this truly bizarre dress I didn’t need to do much acting to fulfil the role of „Susi Schäfer” in the brilliant third series of Torsten Lenkeits‘ wonderful „Dr. Klein“. In future I will go swimming with this costume – the high heels will be my new flippers! Thank you!!!”

Paula Paul, actress

„Every woman would love to have a household fairy. I’d rather have a little Nadine helping me with my outfit every morning.“

Anne Kulbatzki, actress

„Nadine, I feel so lucky to have met you as much for my role as a psychopath as well as for me personally! Your costume fitted perfectly, helped me play my role and I liked it. Thank you so much for a good day’s work!”

Christina Rainer, actress

„Nadine Wittig introduced me to the colours which suit me and showed me how they change my looks for the better. Shopping is much easier now because I know exactly what I want – what suits my personal style. Thank you!”

Philipp Timme, Director of Photography

„Thank you for the many beautiful costumes, which expressed the look and atmosphere of the film perfectly!”

Further testimonials by:
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